Multiply by TenMultiplying by ten is another of those very easy things to do. Just add a zero at the end I hear you all cry.  While that is true we will look at multiplying by ten in the same way we have looked at the others so far.

The Rule For Multiplying By Ten

  1. Use the neighbor

So when multiplying by ten we ignore the number we are on and just use its neighbor. Lets look at an example.

An Example - Multiplying 469 By 10

We will look at 469 x 10 for our example.

We setup the calculation as we have done before with a leading zero.Multiplying by ten Example 1 Setup

Step 1
Starting with our red box in place over the 9 we see there is no neighbor so in this case we will write 0.Multiplying by ten Example 1 Step 1

Step 2
Moving our red box one place to the left we are now looking at the 6. Its neighbor is 9 so we write 9.Multiplying by ten Example 1 Step 2

Step 3
Moving left again we are now on the 4. Looking to the left we see the neighbor is 6. So we write 6.Multiplying by ten Example 1 Step 3

Last Step
Moving left again we are now over the leading zero. Its neighbor is the 4 so we write 4 and our answer is 4690.Multiplying by ten Example 1 Last Step

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