TonyBHi, I am Tony, an Australian who is living and working in China.
I am not a mathematician but I have always enjoyed math. However, like a lot of people I let my math skills slide mainly because always having a computer, smartphone or an actual calculator with me made it too easy to just plug in the numbers and get the answer rather than having to think for myself.

One day I found myself reaching for the phone to multiply two single digit numbers rather than just doing it in my head. That was it! I decided I was going to start getting my brain back into shape.

I also now have a young son and I want to teach him to use his brain rather than an electronic one. So I started looking around for some ways to help me improve my mental math which I can soon start to teach my young son.

I have found some very interesting methods for math, which are not taught in most schools, but the most interesting to me is the Trachtenberg Speed System of Basic Mathematics. As I learnt more about the system the more I liked the approach. Unlike most other methods it does not rely on you having rote learned your times tables but relies on learning a few simple rules to follow when multiplying.

As I mentioned before I am not a mathematician and this site is not for mathematicians but for the rest of us, although any mathematician who is interested is most welcome.I decided to make this site to share what I have learnt. Different people learn in different ways and no one method of learning will suit everyone. At school you are only shown one way to do math but there are different ways you can do math.

I hope you enjoy learning about the Trachtenberg Speed System of Basic Mathematics as much as I am enjoying compiling this information for you.